High Quality Aviation Safety Equipment Globally Since 1985

Since 1985, DeGroff Aviation Technologies has brought together product development and pilot experience to create high-quality aircraft safety solutions for corporate, commercial, and general aviation.

We take into consideration all aspects of contemporary aviation to engineer solutions based on the needs of today’s pilots. Our products are made from quality materials and manufactured domestically, and the designs are refined for both pilot and flight needs while remaining affordable.

In addition to our line of basic Aviation Safety Equipment, DeGroff Aviation Technologies also offers several innovative solutions for ensuring the safest possible operation of aircraft.

The PitotShield and PitotShield V2 offer General Aviation Pilots and Corporate and Commercial Operators, respectively, the latest in automated safety solutions.

Utilizing multiple modes of automatic disengagement, the PitotShield and PitotShield V2 reduce the risk of human error in the pre-flight check phase, adding an extra layer of redundancy in any Safety Management System.

From the student pilot in the Cessna 172, to the Lang-Haul Operator flying from New York to London, the PitotShield and PitotShield V2 offer superior Pitot Tube and Air Data System protection while ensuring that no aircraft leaves the ground with the covers on.

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